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Green Building programs serve as a roadmap toward a more sustainable built environment and future. Viridiant is proud to offer green building program consulting and verification services for a wide range of programs.

EarthCraft Multifamily and the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders, is the country’s first multifamily-specific green building program. It addresses new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse multifamily projects. Viridiant has been instituting the EarthCraft Multifamily program since it was brought to Virginia in 2006 and research has shown that the resulting Multifamily communities are healthy, operationally cost effective, and energy, water, and resource efficient.

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Building Certification

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Utility Allowances

Multifamily green building certifications address a wide range of sustainability considerations, including environmental performance, indoor air quality, building durability, comfort and affordability.

With over 27,000 Viridiant verified multifamily residences throughout Virginia, DC, and Maryland, it’s no wonder that Viridiant has become a trusted resource for the certification of energy-efficient, sustainable housing. But Viridiant offers more than just EarthCraft.

Let Viridiant be your go-to team for green building programs and strategies.

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