Multifamily Utility Allowances

It is our goal to make a significant impact on the region’s energy use and help residents enjoy more sustainable housing and better energy efficiency. If your project’s allowances were calculated using any of these methods below, we feel confident that our services will improve your Utility Allowance.

  • Public Housing Authority Schedule
  • Local Utility Company Estimate
  • HUD Utility Schedule Model

Viridiant uses the Energy Consumption Model and is the endorsed provider from VHDA for calculations for EarthCraft Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects. If you don’t know how your UA was calculated or if you are just getting started, then send an email to and he will be in touch.

Using energy modeling software, Viridiant determines UA projections for each type of unit. As a qualified professional we consider specific factors including unit size, orientation, building materials, mechanical systems, appliances, and characteristics of the building location.

Viridiant UA Service Highlights:
  • Our services are affordable and simple
  • We can provide additional support during the design process
  • All information can be submitted electronically
We Offer Four Types Of UA Services
Preliminary UA for a LIHTC application

If your project is pursuing EarthCraft Multifamily certification and applying for LIHTC, you can request a Preliminary UA through the Project Registration form below.

Final UA for EarthCraft projects

Developments pursuing EarthCraft certification or EarthCraft-certified projects can request a Final UA through the Project Registration form. Viridiant can provide UA projections to the owner representative any time after we host the Design Review Meeting and confirm HVAC equipment. This UA can be submitted to VHDA and should be renewed on a yearly basis.

Final UA for Non-EarthCraft projects

For existing projects opting not to pursue EarthCraft certification, an on-site audit will need to be conducted to gather detailed information on the project. Our team will need access to at least three units of each unit type, with a property management staff member present.

Subsequently, energy models will be created to provide UA projections. Additional fees will apply for the on-site audit. Register your project to request a Final UA.

Annual UA Renewals

Viridiant can renew your UA on an annual basis. UA projections might change from year to year based on utility rate adjustments, energy modeling software updates, and changes to the project’s design/scope of work.

Register Your Project

To apply for Utility Allowance benefits you will need the following if known/available:

  • Building Identification Number(s)
  • Confirmation of Utility Service Providers
  • Confirmation of Utilities paid by tenant or owner
  • Copy of the project’s current or previous Utility Allowance

Viridiant UA services will be returned as quickly as possible. Download Viridiant Utility Allowance Options for more information. Contact Stephen Dareing at 804-212-1936 or

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