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A seaside corner apartment building that's earthcraft certified

EarthCraft Multifamily

EarthCraft Multifamily is the country’s first multifamily-specific green building program. It addresses both newly constructed multifamily projects and renovations.

The result is Multifamily communities that are healthy operationally cost-effective, as well as energy, water, and resource-efficient. In addition, each EarthCraft Multifamily unit has its own dedicated fresh-air intake for optimum indoor air quality.

A commercial building against the blue sky

EarthCraft Light Commercial

ECLC is best suited for commercial building projects 50,000 square feet or less. EarthCraft Light Commercial offers an intensive level of support during the design and construction process, focusing on the energy‐ and water‐efficient design strategies specific to smaller commercial buildings, as well as prescriptive measures that enhance builder education on sustainable construction practices.

EarthCraft House

All EarthCraft Homes average a 30% reduction in energy usage compared to a typical code-built home.

In addition to their outstanding energy performance, EarthCraft homes are durable, comfortable, and both water-and resource-efficient.

An EarthCraft multifamily development halfway finished with renovations

EarthCraft Renovation

EarthCraft Renovation provides guidelines for renovations or additions to existing homes, with the goal of saving energy and water while improving indoor air quality.

EarthCraft Renovation also helps homeowners and builders address the causes of problems such as uncomfortable rooms, high energy bills and poor indoor air quality.

blueprints for a house drawn with pencil on white paper

Guidelines and Worksheets

Find everything you need to know about all of the EarthCraft programs here – from background, requirements, and guidelines to the scoring worksheets used to assess projects in the field.

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