Is Your Home Energy-Efficient?

If not, you may be spending more on your power bills than you should be. Our Home Energy Audit can help you understand your home and where your energy dollars are really going. Our Audit takes about two hours and starts at just $45. When you schedule an audit, you’ll receive a:

  • Whole-House Inspection
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Complimentary energy efficient products installed during audit
  • Prioritized list of improvements to lower energy costs, improve health, and increase durability

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    Our Energy Auditors

    Our energy auditors are expert building scientists and energy analysts. They all hold Virginia’s Residential Building Energy Analyst license, which is required to perform energy audits.

    Our experts are ready to speak with you to discuss your home’s current energy usage and help you reduce energy consumption & costs today. If you would like to speak with an expert today, give us a call at 804.252.1486 or fill out the contact form above to get in touch with our team.

    Safety Precautions

    To protect you and our staff during in-home visits, Viridiant’s COVID-19 safety precautions include the following:

    • Performing daily health screenings of field staff
    • Wearing N95 masks and fresh nitrile gloves in every home
    • Disinfecting all of our equipment after each home visit
    • Maintaining a minimum of six feet distance from clients
    • Requiring that all clients wear masks while we are in their homes

    Remote Audit

    For those who prefer, we also offer remote energy audits via video-conference (Zoom, Meet, FaceTime, Skype, etc.).

    These take about one hour, cost $85, and do not include the complementary products – but offer the same level of building science knowledge and holistic approach to energy, comfort, and health in your home.

    Additional Diagnostic Services During Your In-Home Audit

    Infrared Scan | $75

    Our energy auditors use infrared technology to find weak spots in your home’s thermal envelope. This will be shared within your comprehensive report. This service is weather dependent.

    Blower Door Test | $95

    Our energy auditors will measure how drafty your home is and highlight problem areas that should be addressed.

    Duct Leakage Testing | $125

    Our energy auditors will measure the amount of heated/cooled air you pay for that doesn’t reach the registers. This price is for the main system only.

    For our complete list of energy, safety, and economic analysis services with costs, see our service fees.

    Want to learn more? Watch the recording from our March 2021 webinar “All About Home Energy Audits” here.

    Fill Out Our Questionnaire Form To Get A Head Start On Your Energy Audit