Community Energy Services

Viridiant Community Energy Services is your one-stop-shop for expert consulting and select services to help you implement energy efficiency strategies or go solar at your home or business. Our staff includes some of the most skilled building science experts in Virginia. Our priority is providing truly independent advice. We don’t sell particular devices or equipment, we only want to help you make smart investments that meet your goals. Our key services include:

Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits are a walk-through inspection of your home to identify energy saving potential, health and safety issues, durability concerns, solar potential, and more.

Financial Tools

Offering financial tools such as technical support for energy efficient mortgages (EEMs), access to utility company rebates, information on government incentives, and more.


We’re here to help cut through the noise and see if you’re a good candidate for an affordable solar array.

Consulting, Design, & Referrals

Our expert staff can help with design solutions for new homes and renovations, by specifying HVAC equipment, connecting you to the best installers and builders, and more.

Educational Services

Viridiant is committed to community education.  Inquire below if your group is interested in hearing from one of our expert staff on a range of topics.

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