SolarizeRVA is Viridiant’s community education campaign to help the greater Richmond region transition to clean solar power generated right here in our community.

SolarizeRVA provides the knowledge and tools you need for determining if solar panels are right for you. What makes for a good roof? How is the relationship with the utility managed? Are batteries needed? Are there any incentives? What about damage, insurance, and reliability? Who can do the installation?

Viridiant’s staff has decades of experience making homes energy-smart, healthy, and comfortable. We can help you cut through the noise to make decisions that best meet your goals. We offer unbiased advice as your nonprofit resource for energy investments for your home.

Choose Viridiant For Solar Assessments
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Efficiency First

A critical step in going solar at your home is making cost-effective improvements that reduce your need for electricity. Why make solar kilowatt-hours just to waste them?

That’s why Viridiant also offers home energy audits for a personalized analysis of energy use, comfort, durability, health, and safety issues in your home.

Viridiant takes COVID-19 seriously and follows necessary safety precautions.
Safety Precautions

Going solar actually is pretty easy – and safe during COVID. Virtually all of the work is done outside of your home in just a few days. In uncertain times, there aren’t many safer investments, as the amount and value of the solar electricity generated can be very accurately forecasted.

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Vetted Installers

Viridiant staff will refer campaign participants to all of our vetted, preferred contractors who are then invited to offer their best bid based on real-time pricing and workflow conditions.

The Past & Future

A Bright History

SolarizeRVA began in 2014 as a program of the Richmond Region Energy Alliance (RREA). Over the next six years, the program helped drive the installation of a half a megawatt of solar power production in the greater Richmond area. In April 2020, RREA and Viridiant merged under the Viridiant name to continue this work.

Collaboration Makes Us Stronger

Continuing in the 2021 campaign, Viridiant appreciates our partnership with Solar United Neighbors of Virginia (SUN-VA). Their mission is to build a new energy system with rooftop solar at the cornerstone, and their staff have provided support and advocacy for Virginia’s solar community for years. Participants in SolarizeRVA receive the benefits of SUN-VA membership: a free basic membership to all Viridiant program participants who do not go solar but are interested in engaging on solar policy issues; and a free one-year solar owner membership worth $85 to those who get a solar panel installation through SolarizeRVA.

Viridiant is proud to partner with Henrico County and the City of Richmond to spread the word about the opportunity of solar and efficiency while connecting constituents to Viridiant’s free and low-cost services.

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