Our SolarizeRVA campaign is on hiatus while we help support the Richmond Solar Co-Op for the Fall of 2023 in partnership with Solar United Neighbors! Click “learn more” below to utilize the upcoming presentations to learn more, and invite your neighbors to this shared solar experience! The solar co-op closes December 12th, 2023.


What is a solar co-op and what are the benefits?

Solar cooperatives, or solar co-ops, are community-based initiatives designed to collectively harness solar energy. They work by uniting individuals, often within a neighborhood or community, to jointly invest in and manage solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. These systems can be installed on rooftops or as ground-mounted installations. Members of the co-op typically share the costs of installation, maintenance, and operation. The electricity generated from these systems is distributed to members, helping to offset their energy bills or even generate income if there’s surplus energy that can be sold back to the grid.

One of the key benefits of solar co-ops is cost efficiency. By pooling resources and purchasing solar equipment in bulk, members can often secure better pricing and more favorable financing terms. Additionally, solar co-ops can access government incentives and tax benefits, making the transition to solar energy more affordable. These initiatives also promote sustainability by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond financial benefits, solar co-ops foster a sense of community involvement and education as members collaborate to make informed decisions about their energy production, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way of living.

Viridiant is a mission-driven non-profit that has led the charge for cleaner, greener building in Virginia since 2006. Our experts are always available to explain the technology, financing options, installation process, calculating your ROI, and logistics of solar, as well as insulation, HVAC, water heaters, appliances, electric vehicles, and more. If you want to lower costs, improve indoor air quality and comfort, or reduce your carbon footprint, we’re here to help you make the most cost-effective choices.

The 2021 SolarizeRVA campaign is made stronger by our partnerships with the City of Richmond Office of Sustainability, Henrico County’s Energy Management Division, and Solar United Neighbors of Virginia.

The Past & Future
A Bright History

SolarizeRVA began in 2014 as a program of the Richmond Region Energy Alliance (RREA). Over the next six years, the program helped drive the installation of a half a megawatt of solar power production in the greater Richmond area. In April 2020, RREA and Viridiant merged under the Viridiant name to continue this work.

Collaboration Makes Us Stronger

Continuing in the 2021 campaign, Viridiant appreciates our partnership with Solar United Neighbors of Virginia (SUN-VA). Their mission is to build a new energy system with rooftop solar at the cornerstone, and their staff have provided support and advocacy for Virginia’s solar community for years. Participants in SolarizeRVA receive the benefits of SUN-VA membership: a free basic membership to all Viridiant program participants who do not go solar but are interested in engaging on solar policy issues; and a free one-year solar owner membership worth $85 to those who get a solar panel installation through SolarizeRVA.

Viridiant is proud to partner with Henrico County and the City of Richmond to spread the word about the opportunity of solar and efficiency while connecting constituents to Viridiant’s free and low-cost services.

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