Commercial Building Certification

EarthCraft Light Commercial

EarthCraft Light Commercial (ECLC), The latest program to be added to the EarthCraft family, is a regional green building certification program offering third-party recognition for environmentally responsible design and construction practices for small-scale, or “light,” commercial buildings in the Southeast, 80,000 square feet or less.

EarthCraft Light Commercial offers a unique level of support during both design and construction, focusing on energy‐ and water‐efficient design strategies specific to smaller commercial buildings, as well as prescriptive measures that ensure quality construction and operational efficiency.

Viridiant’s experienced field staff ensures the project maintains compliance throughout construction and is an added level of security and quality assurance for building owners.

Program Highlights
  • Affordable program cost (includes project administration, design and pre-construction meetings, site visits and performance testing)
  • Technical guidance during project planning, design and construction
  • Reduced paperwork through visual field verification and diagnostic testing
  • Projects seeking to further distinguish themselves for building performance and/or occupant health and safety may seek additional certification packages. These packages, or certification badges, fall into two (2) categories:
    • Health Badge: The Health Badge includes high performance outdoor air ventilation systems and increased attention to finish materials.
    • Performance Badge: The Performance Badge supports building construction practices and materials supporting a commercial structure exceeding the energy code for energy and water efficiency.
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