Celebrating One Year of Viridiant’s Community Energy Services Division

We’re celebrating!

It’s been one year since Viridiant launched our Community Energy Services Division to provide home energy audits, solar consultation, and more to the Richmond region.

Over the last year, we have installed more than 1,400 LED lightbulbs and more than 1,800 feet of pipe insulation during our energy audits. This  has reduced annual energy use in greater Richmond by almost 90 megawatt hours while saving our clients an average $123 a year on their energy bills. That’s a typical month’s electricity bill gone! And that’s just from the LED lights and pipe insulation.

We also have alerted our clients to leaking hot water pipes, disconnected ductwork, un-secured windows, carbon monoxide risks, underperforming insulation, massive air leaks, and more. We’ve given detailed advice on how to make low-cost but high-impact improvements, provided solar production numbers, and connected folks with quality contractors for HVAC work.

Learn more about what our Community Energy Services Division offers:

[trx_button type=”square” style=”default” size=”medium” bg_style=”custom” link=”https://www.viridiant.org/home-energy-audit/” popup=”no”]Home Energy Audits[/trx_button]

[trx_button type=”square” style=”default” size=”medium” bg_style=”custom” bg_color=”#dfc822″ link=”https://www.viridiant.org/homeowners-2/solar/” popup=”no”]Solar Consultations[/trx_button]

[trx_button type=”square” style=”default” size=”medium” bg_style=”custom” bg_color=”#5db6cd” link=”https://www.viridiant.org/home-energy-consulting/” popup=”no”]Consulting, Design & Referrals[/trx_button]

[trx_button type=”square” style=”default” size=”medium” bg_style=”custom” bg_color=”#77797a” link=”viridiant.org/events” popup=”no”]Community Educational Programming[/trx_button]

Thanks for being part of a great first year for Viridiant’s Community Energy Services Division. Want to learn more? Visit the Community Energy Services webpage, attend an upcoming free informational webinar or email energy@viridiant.org.

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