Ways to Save

October 5 is Energy Efficiency Day, a day of recognition for conserving energy resources. We can all take steps toward a more sustainable future, saving energy and money. Here are a few ways you can save:

  • Switch to LED: Innovation and technology can make your life easier. LEDs last up to 25x longer and consume 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.¹ By switching just five of your home’s most frequently used bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified LEDs, it’s possible to save 9% on energy costs annually. You can complete the Light Bulb Challenge by upgrading at least one light bulb to LED, take the pledge!
  • Seal Air Leakage: Heating and cooling account for almost half of a home’s energy consumption, but leaks in the building envelope mean energy and money is wasted. Air can escape through leaks the width of a business card! All the little leaks can be equivalent to leaving open a 3-foot-by-3-foot window. You can save up to 20% on heating costs by taking simple air sealing steps like caulking windows, sealing leaks around chimneys and recessed lighting, and sliding draft guards under your doors.
  • Know How to Use Your Thermostat: Don’t waste money heating or cooling an empty home. Install a programmable thermostat and schedule your home’s heat to lower (or raise cooling temp) when you are away or asleep, and turn back up (down) when you are returning home or waking-up. Follow the U.S. Department of Energy recommended temperatures and be energy-efficient all year.
  • HVAC System Maintenance: Make sure to clean or change your filters regularly. A dirty filter will slow down air flow, making the system work harder to keep you warm and costing you more money. Consider getting a winter tune-up. Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, a semi-annual or yearly tune-up of your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency, saving you money and making your home more comfortable.
  • Look for ENERGY STAR: It is the simple choice for energy efficiency. Available across more than 70 product categories, the ENERGY STAR blue label makes it easy to find products that have been independently certified to use less energy. If you are undertaking a major home remodel or new build, consider installing ENERGY STAR certified HVAC equipment and windows. ENERGY STAR labeled windows can cut heating costs by as much as 30%  compared to single-pane windows. ENERGY STAR also certifies electronics and office equipment. In order to save money and energy, you must be an educated consumer, stay mindful of the products you purchase and whether there is a more energy-efficient alternative.

Looking for more detailed tips to save energy? Join our Home Energy Pledge to download a free checklist and 6-page guidebook.


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