Viridiant’s Home Energy Audit a “Great Program for Homeowners in Virginia”

Viridiant’s Home Energy Audit a “Great Program for Homeowners in Virginia”

Is your home energy-efficient? If not, you may be spending more on your power bills than you should be. Viridiant’s Home Energy Audit can help you understand your home and where your energy dollars are really going. Our walk-through audit takes about two hours and starts at just $45. When you schedule this audit, you’ll receive a:

  • Whole-house inspection
  • Utility bill analysis
  • Complimentary energy efficient products installed during audit
  • Prioritized list of improvements to lower energy costs, improve health, and increase durability

Are you curious about why your space is uncomfortable, that closet is mysteriously too hot or cold, or your utility bills are high? Home energy audits are the first step towards finding the best solutions to all kinds of problems. But don’t just take our word for it. Clients across the Richmond region are raving about the everlasting benefits of Viridiant’s home energy audits. This program is not only available for homeowners, renters can all get this service.

Over the last year, our energy audits have:
  • Reduced annual energy use in greater Richmond by 122 megawatt hours
  • Saved our clients an average of $123 a year on their energy bills (that’s a typical month’s electricity bill gone!)
  • Installed more than 2,200 LED lightbulbs and over 2,100 feet of pipe insulation during our audits (all free to the client!)
  • Given detailed advice on how to make low-cost but high-impact improvements, provided solar production numbers and connected folks with quality contractors for HVAC work
Those are real results from helping folks like you live better and drive down our region’s carbon footprint. See what they have to say below.


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