Viridiant Conducts 150th Home Energy Audit!

In October 2021, Viridiant conducted the 150th home energy audit since the creation of the Energy Services Division in April 2020! Over the last 18 months, Viridiant has installed 2,922 feet of pipe wrap insulation (that’s a little over half a mile!) and over 3,400 LED lights bulbs collectively reducing annual energy usage by 177 MWh. Throughout the pandemic, we have been helping folks reduce their monthly utility costs by an average of $142 a year. That’s a whole month’s utility bill gone!

The Bauserman family was excited to be our 150th audit and offered a few words on their experience.

What made you register for a Home Energy Audit with Viridiant? I got to the point where my list of questions regarding a green energy retrofit for our 1940s Forest Hill home was long enough that I wanted an expert to review my space and give me recommendations and feedback that were specific to our home. After looking through Viridiant’s website, I knew they would be a good resource to get this process started.

What did you enjoy most out of your Home Energy Audit? I was very impressed by the level of personalized attention Andrew gave to us and our home. He thoroughly inspected the home from top to bottom to learn as much as possible about our current energy use. He offered a wide range of options for improvement that were all very specific to us and our budget rather than “one size fits all” options. That kind of feedback on our personal space was so helpful and made the improvements much more approachable and achievable.

What are your energy goals for your home? Our goal is to maximize the potential of our home. As we fix, replace, and add we want to make sure those decisions are as ambitious and thoughtful as possible. We live in a leaky old home in the midst of trees so we recognize we have a lot of limitations for turnkey energy solutions, but we want to take care of what we have and make the most of our opportunities one step at a time.

Why do you think energy smart improvements are important? Our trajectory as a society isn’t sustainable. Our involvement needs to be immediate, and there is no better place to start than our own homes. It is such a personal space. It should reflect our ambitions and values. I have had a chance to work in the construction industry and see first hand how indifferent and careless the decision making about our homes is. We have to start pushing against current construction and energy norms and pursue new solutions that have a future.

Would you recommend Viridiant’s services? Absolutely. I already have and will continue to do so! We all need to be using and sharing resources like Viridiant.


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