Net-Zero Program

Viridiant’s Net-Zero Certification program offers unparalleled support to project teams during the design and construction process. The program is targeted to builders, designers and homeowners throughout the Southeast who believe in superior building and the next generation of housing. The program consists of a two part certification; “Net-Zero Ready” once the project has successfully met the program design criteria, construction and diagnostic testing goals, and “Net-Zero Certified” once the homeowners have demonstrated (documented in real time utility tracking) that they have lived an energy neutral or positive lifestyle for one year.

For more information regarding this program, please contact us at or (804) 225-9843.

Featured Project: Grissom Lane, Blacksburg, VA

By Community Housing Partners

1221 - Site Perspective CroppedThe Net-Zero Grissom Lane Duplexes will provide much needed housing for low income seniors (50-80% AMI) in a high cost community which does not have any subsidized affordable senior housing. Residents that live or work in Montgomery County will be given first preference for the housing. Grissom Lane is within an established mixed income community in Blacksburg with existing utility infrastructure and public bus service. The housing will be compatible with the character of the neighborhood and provide outdoor gathering, walking and gardening spaces for residents.

These homes are being designed to produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis and are part of Viridiant’s  Net-Zero pilot program. High insulation values, extensive air sealing, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) and mini-splits are used to reduce the energy demand on the homes.

The apartments will be designed using Universal Design features to help facilitate people to stay in their homes longer (age in place). It is desirable to age in place rather than have to move to a form of institutional care. Aging in place is also much less costly to both the individual and society than institutional care.

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