Single Family Consulting

Viridiant can provide science-based consulting services. Click on each image below to learn more about areas we can assist with. Contact us to learn more.

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Net Zero

Whether you’re looking to go net zero now or optimize the design of your home to cost effectively add renewables in the future, Viridiant can help you assess options for reaching those goals.

We use energy models, building science best practices, and our practical knowledge of available technologies to help you make well-informed decisions.

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Plan Review

Constructing a new home can be stressful. From selecting a contractor to picking the finishes. Viridiant can make the process a little easier by providing impartial, third-party recommendations.


The renovation of a home presents a unique opportunity to make energy and water efficiency improvements. Often these improvements can also have a positive impact on the comfort and functionality of the home. Issues like hot/cold rooms, long wait times for hot water, and drafty spaces can be addressed, while also reducing utility bills.

Viridiant will work with you to identify options for improvements that best fit your home and your goals.

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HVAC Load Sizing

As homes continue to be insulated and air sealed better, properly sizing HVAC systems becomes increasingly important.

Viridiant can perform Manual Js (HVAC sizing calculations) for new and existing homes, providing you with an accurate, impartial assessment of a home’s heating, cooling, and airflow needs. Additionally, we can perform Manual S (system selection) and Manual D (duct design).

two workers analyzing an ongoing construction project
Duct Testing

The 2015 Virginia Energy Conservation Code introduced the requirement for ducts to be tested in new homes when any portion of the HVAC system is outside of conditioned space.

Viridiant can perform this test both for code compliance and for general information purposes in new and existing homes.

A construction worker with freckled arms writes down notes on a piece of paper
Blower Door Testing

The 2018 Virginia Energy Conservation Code introduces the requirement for blower door tests to be performed in all new construction homes.

Viridiant can perform blower door tests in homes in the Richmond metro area, both for new homes and existing homes.

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