45L Tax Credit

If you have a 200 unit project with 100 qualifying units, you'll get $2,000 per unit tax credit, which equals $200,000 in tax credit. The cost to you would be $6,000.

Viridiant is here to help you get a $2,000 tax credit per unit on your property. 

If you are a developer that has built a low-rise multifamily property, the 45L tax credit could benefit your company. And, you could receive a $2000 per unit tax credit.

How do you know if your property qualifies? Submit the contact form at the bottom of the page or call 804-225-9843 to find out how to take advantage of the 45L Tax Credit.

For EarthCraft Projects

  • Determine which of your EarthCraft projects could make use of these tax credits.
  • Contact us with the names of the projects.
  • We’ll assess them to determine how likely they are to qualify and provide a summary of that to you. There is no charge for this. 
  • Let us know which projects you’d like to do an in-depth analysis for. We will review the energy models in detail and advise you on measures that can be taken to qualify the units for the tax credit. There is a flat $1,000 fee per project.
  • If those measures are implemented, we will provide a quote for verifying them and issuing updated documentation.
  • Once the units are verified to be in compliance, we’ll issue the necessary tax credit documentation. There is a $50 fee per qualifying unit.

For Non-EarthCraft Projects

Fill out the contact from below to learn more about assessing your non-EarthCraft projects for qualification. While site visits are required and won’t be scheduled until later this year, the preliminary assessment work can begin now.

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