Housing Innovations in Energy Efficiency (HIEE)

Housing Innovations in Energy Efficiency (HIEE) funding for Virginia LIHTC projects requires meeting the Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) program for new construction, a HERS of 80 or below for adaptive reuse, or achieving a 40% or greater improvement in energy efficiency or HERS of 70 or below for existing buildings. There are additional requirements, which can be found on DHCD’s website for the HIEE program.

As part of the application process for funds, it’s necessary to show that the project can meet the energy efficiency requirements.

Viridiant will assess the project’s ability to meet those requirements and provide the required documentation to submit with the application.


Applications are due for the next round of funding by October 31, 2021.

Viridiant recommends submitting projects by October 1st to allow adequate time for the analysis and any needed revisions to the scope of the project.

Once Viridiant has all the necessary information, the analysis will be conducted and results delivered within 2 weeks.

Renovation projects should allow additional time. An on-site assessment may be needed before the analysis can begin. Access will need to be coordinated to approximately 10% of the units at the project to allow for visual inspections and diagnostic testing. Additionally, COVID waivers and health screening questionnaires will need to be in place for occupied units that are inspected.

Next Steps

If your project has already gone through Pre-Review with Viridiant, contact your Project Manager to express interest and receive pricing for the assessment. If you have general questions or aren’t sure who your Project Manager is, contact Stephen Dareing at stephen.dareing@viridiant.org or 804-212-1936.

If your project has not gone through Pre-Review, please register it and select the Zero Energy Ready Home option under programs, as well as any other applicable programs. Once you register the project, you’ll be assigned a Project Manager who will contact you.

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