Happy Earth Day 2022!

At Viridiant, we are building the science of sustainability through environmental, economic, and structural initiatives. We are constantly looking to improve the built environment, making residential homes more energy efficient and changing the construction industry with innovative green technologies. Viridiant is one of the largest green building implementers in the country, and we are focused on creating an equitable and sustainable future for all.

On this Earth Day, we want to recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate what clean energy and going green can do for you and the environment!

Did you know that…

  1. Green, energy efficiency diversifies our fuel sources, which enhances energy security and reduces the risk of fuel spills
  2.  Green, energy efficiency employed nearly 84,000 Virginias throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, stimulating the economy and protecting the environment*
  3. Green, efficient energy does not have to be transported, so the price of these energies is more affordable, no matter what
  4. Green, energy efficient buildings emit very little, or no, emissions, which makes it better for your lungs and overall health.
  5.  Green, energy efficiency is accessible all over the world, creating more equity and opportunity for future generations

Get involved and support our mission of protecting the environment through energy efficient and sustainable housing for all! Every dollar makes a difference: https://www.viridiant.org/get-involved/

*According to the 2020 Clean Jobs America Report

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