EarthCraft Communities

EarthCraft, a Program of Southface

The EarthCraft Communities program guides housing development projects toward a sustainable design and function – one that includes features like walkability, community connectivity, transit-ready density and access to open spaces. EarthCraft Communities also emphasizes energy-and water-efficient homes and buildings, and effective storm water management. All homes in an EarthCraft Community must also be certified through the EarthCraft House program.

EarthCraft Communities was piloted in 2003 and then launched in 2005 to assist land developers and local government agencies to create sustainable market-rate and affordable housing communities. It guides projects toward either an urban grid design or a conservation clustered form with emphasis on energy- and water-efficient new homes and buildings, low impact development, walkable design and community connectivity, transit-ready density, effective stormwater management, access to open space, and more.

The EarthCraft Communities program is a certification system for sustainably planned and constructed communities. EarthCraft Communities offers holistic approaches to development for rural, suburban or urban projects. Through the EarthCraft certification process, communities enhance resident’s health, livability, efficiency and overall market appeal.

The program addresses low-impact development, site selection, land disturbance, water quality and quantity management, energy, transportation infrastructure, community design, green space preservation and more. In addition, all buildings within an EarthCraft Community must be certified through the EarthCraft House, Multifamily, or Light Commercial programs. EarthCraft Communities program administrators perform regular site visits, facilitate conceptual design charrettes and provide each project green building trainings for residents, property managers, builders, and realtors.

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