EarthCraft Site Visit & Summer Social

Yesterday we kicked off our June building science lecture with a site visit at a home recently EarthCraft certified by Bain-Waring Builders. We were joined by Tim Dunkum, Home Building Association of Richmond’s EarthCraft Builders Council Chair, as well as Mark Waring of Bain-Waring Builders. Mark, Tim, and Viridiant Executive Director KC Bleile welcomed attendees. After providing a little background information on our Building Science Lecture Series, the home, and the EarthCraft Builders Council, attendees were invited to visit stations throughout the home.

Home Details:

  • 11500 Grey Oaks Estates Run
  • EarthCraft Certified May 2017
  • HERS Index Score of 52
  • Conditioned crawlspace
  • R-5 structurally insulated sheathing (SIS)
  • High efficiency furnace
  • Tankless gas water heating
  • Tight building envelope & ductwork
  • 2.5 ACH50
  • Less than 6% total duct leakage
  • Less than 3% duct leakage to the outside


Attendees were able to view a diagnostic testing demonstration, learn about the home’s mechanical ventilation, talk to the home’s realtor Brittany Valentine, or check out the home’s energy monitoring system. Shout out to folks from Virginia Energy Efficiency Council who enjoyed the event and shared some photos from the testing demonstration! Everyone stuck around for the fun Summer Solstice Social immediately following the lecture.

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