EarthCraft Home Featured in Williamsburg Yorktown Daily recently featured an EarthCraft home built in 2010 by Joe Terrell, which is still proving to be comfortable, durable, and energy efficient. The homeowners, Mary Rogers and Ron Shafer, wanted an environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient house. They are “constantly in awe of the quietness of their home — no loud air handler noises or creaky windows or doors when there’s heavy wind or rain. It’s as tight as a clam”. They also enjoyed the experience working with Viridiant and the EarthCraft House certification program. Rogers said, “it was an interesting process. Inspectors came out in all stages of the building process to make sure it was meeting the green building standards. Everything from the insulation to the ENERGY STAR appliances and flooring”.

Read the full article to learn more about the sustainable features of this home and gain insight into the experiences of an EarthCraft builder and homeowners.

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