Earth Day: Think Globally, Act Locally

Guest post by Kenin Sharku, University of Richmond Bonner Scholar with Viridiant

More than a billion people worldwide recognize and demonstrate support for environmental protection on Earth Day. Climate change has greatly impacted our daily lives and the future of our planet and Earth Day provides an opportunity to call for bold, creative and innovative solutions globally to rising challenges.

According to the EPA, “greenhouse gases from human activities are the most significant driver of observed climate change since the mid-20th century”. To address the climate crisis, we should reduce our carbon footprint in our everyday lives by using less energy and water. Even small efforts can make a change, and they start right at home.

Not sure where to start? Viridiant recommends a few easy-to-implement tips for reducing your energy usage immediately, especially as we enter warm summer months.

  • Turning off all lights and electronics when not in use
  • Unplugging all electronics or use a power strip when not in use
  • Changing air filters on schedule
  • Using blinds/curtains to keep heat and light out as needed
  • Setting the water heater not higher than 120°
  • Washing full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Air-dry clothes and dishes
  • Tracking your energy usage
  • Setting thermostat settings at heating: 68° and cooling: 75°

A step towards sustainability is a step towards a safer future. Viridiant works every day to advocate for more affordable, sustainable and energy-efficient construction. With the most skilled building science experts on our team, Viridiant strives to reduce the environmental impact of the built environment and educate the community on energy saving strategies for a better future.

Are you interested in taking the next steps to make your home more energy efficient? The best first step is to schedule a home energy audit (starting at just $45!) with Viridiant. We will inspect your home to identify energy saving potential, health and safety issues, durability concerns, solar potential, and more.

Over the last year, we have installed more than 1,400 LED lightbulbs and more than 1,800 feet of pipe insulation during our energy audits – all free to the client. This has reduced annual energy use in greater Richmond by almost 90 megawatt hours while saving our clients an average $123 a year on their energy bills. That’s a typical month’s electricity bill gone! And that’s just from the LED lights and pipe insulation. You will also be provided with a comprehensive report outlining a prioritized list of improvements that can further increase energy-saving in your home, lower your energy bills, and improve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

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Change starts at home. Viridiant offers a variety of services from energy audits, solar consultations, financial tools (EEMs) and design solutions for new homes and renovations. Visit our Community Energy Services webpage to learn more and begin your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with Viridiant’s Energy Director, contact or call 804-252-1486.

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