Commit to making energy efficiency changes at home this Earth Day

At Viridiant, we’re building the science of sustainability not just on Earth Day, but everyday. And we hope you will consider implementing some energy efficiency changes in your home that will help you save money and help save our planet in honor of Earth Day!

Will you sign the Home Energy Pledge today and commit to lowering your energy consumption to help make your home and community more resilient and sustainable?

When you sign the pledge, you’ll receive Viridiant’s Top Ten Home Energy Tips! These easy to implement tips will help you maintain comfortable heating and cooling temperatures, reduce water consumption, and make basic appliance usage adjustments to reduce energy consumption.

  • Heating & Cooling – Space heating and cooling making up nearly half of the average home’s energy use! There’s a huge opportunity to lower energy consumption and utility bills by adjusting how your home stays at a comfortable temperature.
  • Water Consumption – Water is one of Earth’s most precious resources. Water heating is the second highest utility expense. Several no- or low-cost changes could have a real impact on your water use and utility bills.
  • Appliance Usage – Energy-efficient options and behavioral changes will help reduce electricity costs and usage. Decreasing energy use at home saves money and lessens pollution. Reducing electric loads starts with behavior choices.

Interested in Learning More?

Viridiant’s energy experts can help with remote utility bill analysis which can show your target areas for savings. We can also advise you about energy monitoring devices, smart home technology, and green energy credits. When stay-at-home orders are lifted, we can schedule an in-home “energy audit”.

Visit the Community Energy Services webpage or contact Andrew Grigsby at or call 804-773-3200 today to learn more.

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