Bob Gross & Jean Shepard, EarthCraft homeowner (home by Promethean Homes), utility bills average $70 per month

“We’re appreciating the comfortable, steady temperatures in the house, day and night.  No drafts, no sudden changes.  The prompt hot water delivery is quite a treat.  We rarely hear outside noises.  Barking dogs and neighbors’ power tools are the only exception.  Otherwise it’s a joy.  Our air exchanger appears to trap any fine dust and we don’t get to breathe it – so we’ve been quite healthy since we moved in at the beginning of last July.  Our electric bills have been remarkably low – and that’s been a welcome change. Three cheers for Promethean Homes!”

Bob Gross & Jean Shepard, EarthCraft homeowner – May 2015

Andrew Owen, EarthCraft Homeowner (home by Southern Development)

“Last year I moved into My EarthCraft Certified Home (rating of 61) which is approximately 35% larger than my previous home in Northern Virginia which was built in 2001. Currently I use roughly 30-40% less energy + have an additional child. My family & I have noticed healthy indoor air quality & no temperature changes as you walk through the house. After speaking with a few of our neighbors which live in new homes & co-workers (mix of old and new homes) (none of them have EarthCraft Certified Homes) our utility usage through the very cold months was 20-50% less than theirs – which shows me that the components of an EarthCraft Certified Home work & save money.”

Andrew B. Owen, EarthCraft homeowner – January 2015

Adam J. Stockmaster, T.M. Associates, Inc. on working with EarthCraft Multifamily

“EarthCraft is a very flexible program, which works with all building types and sizes, and the entire EarthCraft staff, from the technical advisor to the inspector, truly work as a member of the development team to assist the project to a successful completion!”

Adam J. Stockmaster,  T.M. Associates, Inc. – December 2013

Joshua Galloway, Community Housing Partners Design Studio on working with EarthCraft Multifamily

EarthCraft VA staff is always available and ready to answer questions or troubleshoot issues that come up during Construction. They understand that design and construction is a fluid process and there are often unique circumstances that need to be addressed quickly and thoughtfully.

Joshua Galloway, Community Housing Partners Design Studio – November 2013

Jeff Reynolds, Better Housing Coalition on building net-zero with EarthCraft Virginia

“Our experience with EarthCraft has been beneficial on many levels from concept of the project to delivery of the completed structure.  Bob Congdon, our Technical Advisor, works as a part of our team to ensure correct sealing and insulation with flexibility of schedule to allow the work to proceed unimpeded. We look forward to the commencement of new multifamily projects with EarthCraft in November of this year.”

Jeff Reynolds, Construction Projects Manager, Better Housing Coalition – April 2, 2014

Kevin Wood, Piedmont Housing Alliance on working with EarthCraft Virginia

“Piedmont Housing works with EarthCraft Virginia on all our affordable multifamily apartment projects.   EarthCraft helps us identify sustainable products, advanced building techniques and comprehensive development strategies that assure long term durability and improved energy efficiency.  This leads to better buildings with more comfortable living spaces and dramatically reduced utility bills for our low-to-moderate income residents.”

Kevin Wood, Director of Multifamily Projects, Piedmont Housing Alliance – April 2, 2014

Justin Boyle, Green Valley Builders on working with EarthCraft Virginia

“Working with EarthCraft VA since 06’ has been a wonderful experience, the combination of their knowledge about building science and there goal to make the building industry more efficient and sustainable fits with Green Valley Builders  core values and best building practices.”

Justin Boyle, CFO/Client Relations & Owner, Green Valley Builders – April 2, 2014

Mark Adams, People Inc on attending EarthCraft builder training

“I just wanted to send  a quick note to let you know I really enjoyed the training session I attended in Glen Allen last Thursday.  I only wish I had thought about all these measures back when I was building.  Your knowledge and enthusiasm is very evident as you did a great job of presenting.  You and your staff have been extremely helpful and friendly in working with us on our projects.  It has not gone unnoticed.  Looking forward to partnering with you guys on future projects.”

Mark Adams, Multifamily Development Project Manager at People Inc – attended EarthCraft builder training on February 6, 2014

Jack Thompson, Richmond Metro Habitat, on working with EarthCraft Virginia

“Richmond Habitat welcomes the expertise of EarthCraft’s professional staff and its technical advisors to build healthier and more sustainable, energy efficient homes. They are a true partner in our affordable housing building efforts. For very reasonable fees, they exceed expectations in answering questions and visiting the site to educate the builder on sustainable practices. Their technical support during the design and pre-drywall inspection have helped us lower our HERS ratings to the low 70’s/high 60’s. In other words, we are building homes that are 30-35% more energy efficient than other new homes built to code. For these reasons, RMHFH builds all of our new homes and all possible remodels to the EarthCraft certification standard.”

Jack Thompson, VP of Construction and Land Acquisition, Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity – January 16, 2014

Nick and Lynn D’Amato, EarthCraft homeowner (home by Bain-Waring), September 22, 2012

“We have found the EarthCraft home to be another important benefit. This home is roughly 25% larger than our previous one, yet the heating and cooling bills appear to be less than that from our last home. This was a pretty hot summer and we were pleasantly surprised by the utility bills.”

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