Solar is here!

If you have a good roof or open field in full sun for at least six hours a day, solar could be a superb investment. It’s the fastest-growing energy source in the world and often the cheapest. If you’re buying or refinancing your home, solar rolled into your mortgage could be cash positive right away. Make it easy by starting with expert advice on questions like:

  • What’s the right technology for my location?
  •  What are good financing options?
  • What incentives are available?
  • How much electricity can I generate?
  • How do I maximize solar’s coverage of my energy needs?
  • Who are the local contractors?
  •  What about insurance, warranties, utility connections, HOA and historic district restrictions, etc.?
  •  How to I monitor production and impact on my bill?
  • How long does an installation take?
  •  Is it smart to install solar during construction of a new house?

Viridiant offers a basic consultation with remote site analysis for $65. Click the link below to upload basic details about your home and make an appointment for a video-conference with one of our expert staff.

Solar power brings a special joy from knowing you’re making electricity from sunlight. It also provides peace of mind from knowing you can make such an essential part of life on your own.

We look forward to helping make solar happen for you.

Want to learn more?

Should I reduce my electricity use before installing PV?
Most homes will have cost-effective measures that can be performed for less than the cost of installing comparable solar capacity.  Some people prefer to do these before solar, others use the savings from solar to pay for future energy efficiency improvements. Whichever path you choose, we can assist by performing an assessment of measures that make sense for your home.

How much will it cost?
Cost can vary depending on the specifics of your home and site.

What is involved in the process?
First, using a recent electric bill and your address, your home is evaluated to see if it’s a good candidate.  Important factors are your annual electricity use, if you have adequate roof space with good orientation, and if that roof area receives enough sun during the course of the day. If everything looks good, a site visit will be scheduled to do a more detailed assessment of your home, nearby trees, the condition of your roof, and your goals. From there a proposal will be prepared for you. Once you sign off, permits will be obtained, panels will be installed, as well as a net meter.

How long does the process take?
Usually the process takes 6 weeks from start to finish, with about a week with a crew on site.

How long is the warranty?
Warranties vary a bit from installer to installer, but they are typically 20-25 years.

What if I don’t have the roof space for all the panels I want?
Ground mounted systems are an option.  They are a bit more expensive than standard roof mounted systems.  You may also consider pursuing energy efficiency measures to reduce your electricity needs so fewer panels are needed to offset your consumption.

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