Viridiant Awarded Virginia Residential Energy Code Field Study

Staff Post by Sean Evensen-Shanley, Director of Residential Operations

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has been conducting field studies in select states around the country to determine the level of compliance with energy codes in the field. DOE affirms,

“The goal of the study is to help document baseline practices, target areas for improvement, and quantify related savings potential. This information is intended to assist states in measuring energy code compliance and to identify areas of focus for future education & training initiatives.”

Recently, Viridiant was awarded funding by the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) to conduct the study in Virginia. SEEA is a regional non-profit organization dedicated to leveraging energy efficiency for the benefit of all citizens. SEEA collaborates extensively with five other regional organizations and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to benefit utilities, businesses, consumers, and governments throughout the United States.

This project will look at how well a random sample of single family builders in 29 jurisdictions around the Commonwealth are implementing different energy related measures of the building code. The success of this project will largely rest on the cooperation of builders and building code officials.

Help us spread the word that this study will be underway through the end of 2017, with data collectors visiting over 100 homes that are under construction or recently completed!

About the Contributor

Sean Evensen-Shanley is the Director of Residential Operations at Viridiant, administering the EarthCraft, LEED for Homes, and ENERGY STAR programs, as well as providing quality assurance and training. Sean previously served as the Director of Customer Success at WegoWise, a Boston-based company providing utility benchmarking software. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Sean on a rock wall or pining after old homes in need of love and energy efficiency improvements.


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