VA Dept. of Education’s New 17th Career Cluster: Energy (Podcast)

The Virginia Department of Education is introducing a 17th Career Cluster in July: Energy!

The energy industry is a vital part of Virginia’s economy and the new 17th cluster introduces students to the industry, provides information on job opportunities needed to meet growing workforce demands and develops a talent pipeline for the energy industry. The goal is to allow students to become interested in and aware of career opportunities in the industry and provide core skills which easily translate to industries such as architecture, construction, and manufacturing, increasing a student’s options for post-secondary education and career pathways. To learn more about Virginia’s 17th Career Cluster, click here.

The Henrico Career & Technical Education Center is releasing a series of podcast episodes related to the new 17th Career Cluster. For the first one, Viridiant’s Executive Director, KC Bleile, along with Henrico County’s Energy Manager, Carrie Webster, and Community Housing Partners’ Director of Utility Programs, Chase Counts,  were invited to contribute to the conversation around energy efficiency careers. The episode discusses how each organization is contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of energy resources in the state of Virginia and what students can look for in an energy related career.

Listen below and hear how the energy career field is growing and vital in working towards true sustainability. Huge thanks to Henrico CTE for including Viridiant’s work in this important discussion and producing this great resource for students, parents, and anyone interested in the exciting career field of energy!

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