Solar is More Accessible Than You Might Think

Solar is More Accessible Than You Might Think

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint for the environment and your wallet, going solar is one of the most effective ways to do this. Solar is the world’s most abundant energy source available and can reduce our dependency on non-renewable resources such as oil, coal and natural gas. As the price of solar equipment has dropped and installers are ready to serve any community in Virginia, a solar array for your home may be more accessible than you might think!

Viridiant’s SolarizeRVA program offers free solar consultations helping address your goals, your home, your economics and other ways to reduce your energy consumption. We don’t sell solar panels. We’re a non-profit dedicated to helping our neighbors make smart decisions about their homes. If you have a good site, a solar array might be a terrific investment for you. Even so, you might want a pro on your side as you start to explore the options.

So what makes a good solar site? First, it’s sunshine. Lots of sunshine. The area should be unshaded most of the day. You want your solar panels to produce as much electricity as possible. They produce the most when the sun’s rays hit them straight on, so a roof in good shape facing generally south is best. Did you know panels and racking only add 3-4 pounds per square foot? Most roofs are designed to accommodate 20 pounds of snow load per square foot, so weight isn’t typically a concern. Good installers are used to evaluating roof framing and will call in an engineer if there’s any question about the structure.

Here’s how SolarizeRVA works:

  1. Complete the solar interest form at, email or call 804-252-1486
  2. One-on-one consultation with energy specialist (best when part of a home energy audit!)
  3. Viridiant connects you with vetted contractors for bids (and helps you choose the right one for you)
  4. Installation is quick and easy!

It’s a great time to go solar. The federal tax credit of 26% is set to go down to 22% at the end of 2022.

Viridiant is a mission-driven non-profit that has led the charge for cleaner, greener building in Virginia since 2006. Our experts are always available to explain the technology, financing options, installation process, calculating your ROI, and logistics of solar, as well as insulation, HVAC, water heaters, appliances, electric vehicles, and more. If you want to lower costs, improve indoor air quality and comfort, or reduce your carbon footprint, we’re here to help you make the most cost-effective choices.

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The 2021 SolarizeRVA campaign is made stronger by our partnerships with the City of Richmond Office of Sustainability, Henrico County’s Energy Management Division, and Solar United Neighbors of Virginia.


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