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October 5 is Energy Efficiency Day, a day of recognition for conserving energy resources. We at Viridiant are supporting Energy Efficiency Day to put the spotlight on the best way to manage energy demand. Energy Efficiency Day is a collaborative effort and its message is simple:

Save energy. Save money.

Smarter energy use means we don’t have to generate as much power to meet our needs. Energy efficiency offers us the most bang for our buck, helping stretch resources to make our homes, schools, and businesses more comfortable and efficient. And those improvements create jobs for people to manufacture and install efficiency upgrades. Energy efficiency is the key to unlocking deeper cost savings and allowing businesses to innovate and thrive.

We have witnessed the impacts of energy efficiency and sustainable construction firsthand while we’ve guided thousands of building professionals and homeowners build and renovate towards a more sustainable future. Our board, staff, and team of technical advisors, are committed to supporting sustainable building processes through education, advocacy, consultation, and certification programs like EarthCraft and Viridiant Net-Zero™. Research shows that EarthCraft’s energy-efficient standards equal measurable utility bill savings.¹

Since its inception, EarthCraft has dispelled the myth that green costs too much. The EarthCraft program takes a practical approach to constructing environmentally responsible projects, making them accessible to a variety of market sectors, including affordable housing. EarthCraft assures energy and water savings, healthier indoor air quality, and reduced maintenance and utility costs – attributes that are critical to moderate and lower income residents. Through its affordable housing work, EarthCraft ensures that the benefits of green building reach those who need them the most.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a building professional, energy nerd, or inspired resident, we can all make energy-efficient changes to our homes, businesses, and behaviors. Check out our last blog post for more ways to save energy and money!

¹Housing Study | Virginia Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech

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