Amber, Richmond Resident

Andrew’s knowledge of 1930’s homes was really helpful. He was able to identify a number of easy fixes, as well as help talk us through accomplishing the more intensive ones. As new homeowners, his encouraging demeanor was so lovely. We felt comfortable asking questions and trusted his recommendations. We have continued to use him as a resource as we move forward with solar installation.

James, Henrico Resident

One of the best decisions as a new homeowner. Get the energy audit early so you can budget to make any updates needed to increase efficiency!

Christie, Richmond Resident

Andrew was incredibly knowledgeable. I learned a lot about my own home just from walking around my house with him. The comprehensive list on how to become net zero is what I find most valuable. I plan to do several of the suggestions immediately and then continue to work my way down the list over time.

Danielle, Richmond Resident

As a conservation professional, energy efficiency is very important to me and I got an energy audit with Viridiant soon after moving. As a first time homebuyer, learning the ins and outs of our home’s energy consumption was daunting but Andrew really broke it down for us in a way that was understandable and engaging. The prioritized report provided afterwards was comprehensive but easy to navigate and we will definitely refer to it often. I found the whole process fascinating and am looking forward to making the recommended improvements to our home!

Tyler, Richmond Resident

Andrew’s breadth of knowledge of historic homes was immediately evident during our consultation, giving guidance on our highest priority items (along with an idea of the most affordable items to hit first). With his experience in historic homes dating back to living in on in the Fan while attending VCU, Andrew had a wealth of knowledge to share about our new 107 year old home and how we could improve its environmental impact.

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