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EarthCraft Renovation provides guidelines for renovations or additions to existing homes, with the goal of saving energy and water while improving indoor air quality. EarthCraft Renovation also helps homeowners and builders address the causes of problems such as uncomfortable rooms, high energy bills and poor indoor air quality.

Without maintenance and renovation, no building lasts forever. The EarthCraft Renovation program allows homeowners to improve building performance, durability, operational efficiency and indoor air quality while they make structural changes to their home. EarthCraft Renovation is a great fit for existing homes, as well as additions.

To achieve EarthCraft certification, a proposed renovation must meet program criteria via a third-party verification process. Similar to other EarthCraft programs, EarthCraft Renovation projects are evaluated using a points-based worksheet and diagnostic testing procedures. EarthCraft Technical Advisors facilitate the process, providing technical assistance to the builder throughout construction, including the initial assessment.

To participate in the EarthCraft Renovation program, builders first attend a one-day training that provides an overview of the program and basic building science approaches.  Builders then apply to join the program.  Once accepted, they are partnered with an EarthCraft Technical Advisor (TA) in their area who will work with them throughout the construction process.

If you are interested in further distinguishing your projects, consider these additional designations:

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