Multifamily Project Registration

The graphic below illustrates the process that projects use to earn EarthCraft Multifamily Certification. Follow along to learn more about the certification process. When you are ready to register your project, use the form below.

ECMF Certification Process Overview

STEP 1: Pre-Review

All multifamily projects pursuing EarthCraft certification must complete a Pre-Review Submittal. Renovation projects will need to schedule baseline testing, additional fees will apply. The current online submission requires:

  • EarthCraft Multifamily Workbook V5 (must fill out Cover Sheet, Spec Sheet, & Architect Checklist)
  • Digital set of scalable plans (must include floor plans, elevations, & exterior wall sections)
  • $500 Pre-Review fee

The EarthCraft Multifamily team will build worst case energy models and provide feedback to the project team to ensure the project will meet minimum energy efficiency requirements. For LIHTC applicants, project teams must approve necessary scope adjustments for Viridiant to sign the Appendix F at this point.

The following deadlines will apply for Pre-Review of 2018 competitive tax credit projects:

  • March 2: Renovation Baseline On-Site Test Scheduling (Viridiant Technical Advisors must visit renovation project sites to inspect current conditions and conduct diagnostic testing. Initiate scheduling by completing the Pre-Review Submittal form or by contacting Manon Shankle at
  • March 9: Pre-Review Form & Documentation Submittal (The Pre-Review form, plans, and EarthCraft Workbook must be submitted by end of day)
  • March 16: VHDA’s LIHTC Application Deadline

STEP 2: Pre-Construction

Next the project team will register the project and schedule a Design Review Meeting. This meeting should be held before construction documents are issued. Upon registration, an ECMF Project Manager (PM) will be assigned to the project. The PM will issue a contract and confirm the meeting date. The registration will ask for the following:

  • Updated EarthCraft Multifamily Workbook (must fill out Points Worksheet)
  • The latest digital set of plans (must include floor plans, elevations, & exterior wall sections)
  • HVAC Load Calculations & Ventilation Strategy

Using this information, the ECMF team will update the project’s preliminary energy models and complete a comprehensive review of all materials. During the Design Review Meeting, the project team and Viridiant staff will review ECMF program requirements and energy modeling. The PM will communicate suggested modifications that should be incorporated to reach ECMF certification.

STEP 3: Construction

Next the project team will schedule a Construction Kick-Off Meeting with your project’s assigned Technical Advisor (TA). Your TA will meet onsite with your contractor and pertinent subcontractors to review the project workbook, necessary documentation, and diagnostic testing goals.

From this point on, the TA will be making regular site visits to the site to observe construction progress as well as verify program compliance and point items. The TA will conduct a visual inspection of necessary air sealing measures and insulation levels. The TA will conduct preliminary diagnostic testing (duct blaster and blower door tests) on up to 10% of the units.

STEP 4: Project Closeout

The TA will conduct final diagnostic testing on a minimum of 30% of the units to verify the project meets or surpasses established infiltration and duct leakage goals. The TA will also visually verify that installed fixtures and appliances are consistent with efficiencies specified for the project. It is the TA’s responsibility to compile all documents for verification of program compliance.

Once the signed final worksheet, testing summary, and any other necessary items are ready, the TA will submit the final submittal package to Viridiant staff for review. The assigned Project Manager will review and update the project files, and confirm energy modeling performance.

STEP 5: Certification

After ensuring program compliance and fulfillment of energy goals, and confirming project fees were paid in full, Viridiant will certify the project under our multifamily program. The developer will be provided with:

  • EarthCraft exterior plaque
  • EarthCraft certificate
  • EarthCraft labels

For LIHTC projects, Viridiant will notify VHDA of project certification.