Why Become an EarthCraft House Certified Builder?

The EarthCraft House Builder certification process and participation requirements prepare contractors to build and certify projects that meet the requirements and guidelines of the EarthCraft House program.

For builders, the EarthCraft House program is an effective means to:

  • Reduce callback volume by improving the comfort and durability of homes
  • Save on construction costs
  • Differentiate their homes and buildings from those that are conventionally built

Participation in the EarthCraft Family of Programs

EarthCraft also offers Multifamily, Renovation, Communities and Light Commercial programs. Further training is required to participate in these programs. Please consult our website and/or a member of the Viridiant staff to learn about additional requirements for working in these programs.

Getting started

There are experience and membership prerequisites to become an EarthCraft House Certified Builder. The following is a summary of this information. Please review this information in more detail in the EarthCraft Manual.

  • Local HBA Member – EarthCraft House Certified Builder candidates must be a current member, in good standing, of their local Home Builders Associations.
  • Attend Training – The EarthCraft House Builder Training consists of a one-day classroom course that covers the basics of the EarthCraft House program from the builder’s perspective, including participant roles and responsibilities, program guidelines and requirements, and the project certification process.
  • Application & Fee – Please fill out the program application and submit it with the Annual Fee.

Apply now

Sign up for a Viridiant Builder membership so you can apply to certify your homes

EarthCraft House Builder Annual Fee
Builders must pay the $150 EarthCraft House Builder annual fee at the time of application.

Local HBA Membership
All EarthCraft House Certified Builders* must be members of their local HBA. Be prepared to provide a member number or other confirmation that you are a current member of your HBA at the time of your online application.

*Non Profit Organizations are exempt from this requirement.

Payment policy
All fees must be paid in full before an individual will be recognized as an EarthCraft House Certified Builder.

Receipt of Certificate
Once your application is processed, you will receive an email recognizing you as a “builder member” in the EarthCraft program and you will be listed on our website.

EarthCraft House Builder Training $175
EarthCraft House Builder Annual Fee $150 annually
Local Home Builders Association Fee Varies per local HBA