Reconnecting You to Nature

On June 5th every year we celebrate World Environment Day. This is the United Nation’s main way to raise worldwide awareness and encourage action for the protection of our environment. Today we celebrate the natural environment and focus on issues that affect the global community and our posterity. Now more than ever it is important to recognize the environmental issues we must mitigate and take action.

This year’s theme is Connecting People to Nature. If you have the opportunity, go outside and be with nature. Appreciate the beautiful planet we inhabit. Think about the impact that nature has on your life and the impact that your life has on nature. Is it an even trade? We can all do more to protect and nurture the environment.

Here are a few ways to participate in the celebration:

  1. Picture all the places that matter – Share a photo or video of your favorite place in nature using #WorldEnvironmentDay or #WithNature and let us know why it is special to you. The United Nations headquarters might even feature your post at their headquarters!
  2. Ask your local government to act – Is there an environmental issue that you want your local officials to address? Get in touch with your elected representatives and ask them to take on that issue. Let them know these issues matter to their constituents.
  3. Travel smart – Leave the car at home and try a more sustainable mode of transportation like cycling, walking, public transportation, or carpooling.
  4. Buy local – Think about where your food and products come from. Make the choice to support look businesses and buy local produce.
  5. Green your home – Educate yourself on the small steps and bigger investments that you can make to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Take our Home Energy Pledge to receive a helpful checklist and guidebook.
  6. Support environmental organizations – Consider making a donation to Viridiant or another nonprofit that is committed to advancing sustainability. Volunteer with organizations like the Sierra Club or the National Parks Service.
  7. Every day matters – June 5th may be World Environment Day, but the movement doesn’t stop there. Take steps everyday to lower your resource waste, stay involved in the conversation, and keep reconnecting with nature!
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