Habitat for Humanity

In 2007, a partnership between Viridiant and Habitat for Humanity Virginia was formed to fulfill a common ambition. The common goal was to design and build energy efficient homes.

Together, Habitat for Humanity Virginia and EarthCraft have lowered homeowners’ utility bills by an average of 30%. Since its inception, EarthCraft has dispelled the myth that “green costs too much.” The EarthCraft program takes a practical approach to constructing environmentally responsible projects, making them accessible to a variety of market sectors, including affordable housing. EarthCraft assures energy and water savings, healthier indoor air quality, and reduced maintenance and utility costs – attributes that are critical to moderate and lower income residents. Through its affordable housing work, EarthCraft ensures that the benefits of green building reach those who need them the most. Since the beginning of the relationship, Habitat-constructed homes have less maintenance than a traditional code built home. In addition, Habitat homes are able to offer superior indoor air quality to their residents. Since the start of this partnership, Habitat for Humanity Virginia affiliates have certified over 220 homes.

Viridiant has assisted Habitat affiliates across the State of Virginia with design and technical guidance. Together, we have produced healthy, affordable, and sustainable homes and neighborhoods.

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