Free Energy Code Training In Action

Matt Waring with Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity shares his experience:

Richmond Metro Habitat and Viridiant came together to provide free trainings for code officials and contractors to aid in the adoption and implementation of the 2018 IECC Code update. Viridiant is currently offering statewide training to ensure Virginia is enforcing the code as written and, in turn, realizing the savings inherent to achieving the level of performance outlined by the latest code iterations. 

The training utilized two, side-by-side, new construction homes located on Veranda Avenue within the City of Richmond. They focused on the process by which a home’s thermal envelope is tested for air leakage and the intent behind that test, as it is now mandatory for all new construction homes across the commonwealth under the uniform statewide building code. A similar process is utilized for duct testing to ensure conditioned air is moved effectively and efficiently to it’s intended location within the home. HVAC Systems are one of the leading energy using systems in a home and code is making big strides in ensuring that these systems are installed in a thoughtful and quality manner. Uncontrolled duct leakage is not only an energy penalty, but it also increases infiltration, causes comfort problems for occupants, and can lead to long-term durability concerns for structural components if left unchecked. The same can be said for envelope leakage on an even larger scale. 

City of Richmond Plan Reviewers participated in the training along with the entirety of the Habitat Construction team. For Habitat’s part, seeing these tests in action on two identical homes and understanding the process and pitfalls, will be critical to ensuring durable homes for our homeowners for years to come, as these improvements to the envelope and duct systems pay dividends for the life of the home. 

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