Scottsville School Apartments
Scottsville School Apartments

Client: Piedmont Housing Alliance

Location: Scottsville, VA

The Piedmont Housing Alliance renovated Scottsville School Apartments, a historic school property, to meet EarthCraft requirements and reduce the existing energy consumption by 50%. The apartment complex is comprised of 34 units primarily serving the elderly. The construction team on site diligently air sealed the units to create compartmentalization and reduce the existing infiltration rates by half. Duct leakage was also reduced from 15% on average to 0% with the addition of ductless minisplit heat pumps to heat and cool the space. Special attention to indoor air quality was met through the use of urea-formaldahyde free cabinetry, low VOC carpets, paints and stains in the units.

“Piedmont Housing works with EarthCraft Virginia on all our affordable multifamily apartment projects. EarthCraft helps us identify sustainable products, advanced building techniques and comprehensive development strategies that assure long term durability and improved energy efficiency.  This leads to better buildings with more comfortable living spaces and dramatically reduced utility bills for our low-to-moderate income residents.”

~Kevin Wood, Piedmont Housing Alliance