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Short on time? Love your downtime? EarthCraft makes it easier to enjoy because the program specifies quality materials and construction techniques. The result? No more lengthy repair lists to complete!

EarthCraft projects undergo pre-drywall inspections, verified by an EarthCraft Technical Advisor, to ensure your home, renovation or commercial building meets EarthCraft’s rigorous quality standards.

Even better, your energy –efficient walls and windows will help block out surrounding noise and traffic, so you can work in quiet comfort or sleep in occasionally!

The bottom line? The EarthCraft label means quality and durability, energy and water savings – and that’s something to be happy about.


Imagine a dwelling that’s full of clean air. A building cleansed of pollutants and contaminants. One that contributes positively to your comfort and well-being.

EarthCraft buildings do just that through well-designed ventilation, effective moisture management, and the selection of smart construction materials that minimize off-gassing.

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies or asthma, and if you do too, it’s important to know that indoor pollutants and excess moisture in your home or workplace are often a bigger problem than outdoor sources.

The EarthCraft program addresses occupant health by requiring every building it certifies to address indoor air quality. As a result, you can breathe easy!


If rising energy costs concern you, take a closer look at EarthCraft. You’ll find that EarthCraft saves you money on your energy bills from day one.

That’s because EarthCraft projects reflect a comprehensive approach to building. They’re sealed to prevent hot and cold air leaks, and outfitted with energy-efficient lighting and appliances, all for year-round comfort and savings.

And if maintenance and repairs are taking a bite out of your wallet, you’ll especially appreciate the durability and high quality construction that EarthCraft represents. Low-maintenance living was never so comfortable!

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