Virtual Earth Day 2020
Virtual Earth Day 2020
For Viridiant, every day is Earth Day.

But today we are excited to celebrate our planet on a global scale to support environmental protection.

While Earth Day might look a little different this year, that should not stop us from doing what we can, from wherever we are.

So what can you do outside to join the world’s largest environmental movement while practicing social distancing?

Here are a few ideas to get outside:

  • Go for a run, walk or bike ride – ditch your car and enjoy the outdoors while lessening your carbon footprint!
  • Garden – get your hands dirty or plant a tree, it will have a positive impact on the environment!
  • Take a pause and meditate or practice yoga – sometimes it’s not all about the action!

Did you know getting fresh air and vitamin D is scientifically proven to be good for your health?

Spending time in nature is good for you and the planet. Tag us on social media to show us how you are spending your Earth Day!


Want to know how Viridiant staff plans to spend their Earth Day outside?


At my house we’re going to do a nature scavenger hunt! I found a really cool one at that my kids will love and will get them out and engaged with our environment.

Shantane Tho, Director of Operations - Earth Day 2020

I plan to spend as much time outside as possible by reading on the patio, going on a bike ride, taking my dogs on a long walk, and playing around in my garden.

Stacy Mitchell, Director of Communications & Outreach - Earth Day 2020

The Grigsby family will be gardening, playing outside, visiting with neighbors from the sidewalk and doing maintenance at the nearby community garden: mowing grass, trimming bushes, and planting vegetables. All rain or shine!

Andrew Grisgby, Energy Services Director - Earth Day 2020

I plan to spend the time working on my yard under the expert direction of my Mother-In-Law. We have a very established yard and every year we go through a period I lovingly call ‘The Culling’ where she identifies anything that is overgrown and we take out a metric ton of brush. I’ve already taken down 1 entire tree and one hedge row was brought back into compliance. Way more to go!

Matt Waring, Technical Director - Earth Day 2020

My family will be admiring and watering our freshly planted garden, blowing bubbles, smelling the flowers, sharing some sprouted sunflowers, and street chalking some Earth Day love!

KC Bleile, Executive Director - Earth Day 2020

I plan to spend Earth Day biking on the trails by the James River and checking out the many murals the city has tucked away in its alleys.

Katy Maher, Project Manager - Earth Day 2020

Since I am new to Richmond I have been trying to find a different neighborhood or area throughout the city to walk around in whenever I get the chance. I have already gotten a great feel for the various aesthetics of the city, and it seemed fitting for Earth Day to head over and enjoy all that Maymont Park has to offer. This is a great 100 acre space filled with gardens, wildlife, and seemingly endless paths to guide you throughout the hills and lakes. I am very excited to go back for Earth Day and continue exploring while supporting the local greenspace. Donations for upkeep of the space are accepted at virtual podiums at the entrance gates to the park.

Justin Sidebottom, Technical Advisor - Earth Day 2020