Guest Blogger Nick Sisler confirms with a recent posting to Green Building Advisor that Home Buyers are Paying More for Green.

Think Home Buyers Won’t Pay Extra for Energy Efficiency?
Think again: Studies show that West Coast home buyers are paying a lot more for green features

This graph shows how much builders think that home buyers are willing to pay for green features on a new home. [Click on the image to enlarge it. Data source: McGraw Hill Construction.]


According to a national survey of 116 single-family home builders, developers, and remodelers performed by McGraw Hill in 2013, 73% of those surveyed said that home buyers will pay more for a green home. This is up from 61% in 2011. (The study defined a green home as one that incorporates environmentally sensitive site planning, resource efficiency, energy and water efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and homeowner education — or projects that would comply with the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard or other credible rating system.)

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